several different coasters in different sizes, colors and shapes

In addition to the sweet custom letterpress business cards that we crank out daily, we also specialize in a number of other things. One of those being coasters. (The others being notecards, invitations, posters, greeting cards, hugs, open mouth kisses etc… you get the idea.)

Coasters 101:

Coasters have been in existence since the late 1800’s. Not only are they used for protecting surfaces and absorbing moisture, but they have historically been used for marketing. Also referred to as beermats, coasters can be the perfect way to add a subtle message to any occasion. Especially occasions were you don’t want people ruining your vintage furniture.

As beermats were originally introduced by a German printing company, it’s a natural fit for them to be letterpress printed by antique German Heidelberg printing presses… in the United States… by pressmen who drink beer. Only instead of using wood pulp like they did in 1880, let’s use all the cool paper and processes we possibly can.

Check out the pictures below for some inspiration that might make you thirsty for new and exciting marketing materials. Contact us for a custom quote, or check out our portfolio for more ideas. We’ve also included some handy templates (Circle / Square) if you’re interested in mocking up your own set!



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