About Mandate


Let’s start by telling you what we’re not.
We’re not the letterpress shop of yesteryear.
We don’t use lead type.
We’re not a bindery for offset shops.
We don’t do crash numbering or print parking stickers.
We’re not hobby printers.

What we are is a modern letterpress operation based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
We print for local, national and international clients, and ship orders around the globe.
We make our own plates from digital files.
We are competitively priced with the best turnaround this side of the Mississippi.
We are design driven letterpress.

We have a saying in our shop, “Everything looks better letterpressed.” While this can’t always be true, it is true that letterpress brings an added level of sincerity and authenticity to a design and therefore an added value of sincerity and authenticity to your printed piece.
Our mission is and has always been to make letterpress viable again in a whole new way. To be a useful and efficient tool for each of you as you work with your clients.

phone: 801.359.4868

toll free: 888.373.7274

1077 South, Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

 Twitter: themandatepress



Email us:

Say hi to us here. If you already know what you want please fill out our estimate form  for custom pricing.

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