“What is letterpress and how is it different from ‘regular’ printing?”

Conventional printing methods of today lay ink or toner flat on the surface of the paper. In contrast, letterpress printing actually presses the type and image into the paper resulting in an impression you can feel.

“Oh, so it’s embossed?”

Nope. Embossing actually results in a raised image. We can do that too, if you’d like.

“So what’s the difference between letterpress, embossing and debossing?”

Letterpress printing leaves an impression in the paper by pressing into the paper from one side. An impression can be made with or without ink. Inkless impressions leave a colorless, or “blind” impression.
Embossing produces a raised image by pressing paper between a two-sided die. No ink is transferred in this process.
Debossing produces a depressed image by pressing paper between a two-sided die. No ink is transferred in this process.
There are also cost differences between embossing/debossing and letterpress.

“Can I get anything letterpressed?”

Unfortunately, no. Even though we like to think everything looks better letterpressed, the truth is some things just don’t work as well as we’d like. We’d love to help you find the best printing method for your project, so drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

“Do I have to make my own design or will you design something for me?”

Many of our clients come to us with their design ready to go, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Truth is, we’d love to design something for you. Just send a few examples of things you like to print@themandatepress.com and we’ll get to work.  Our design fees start at $200.

“What’s the deal with the $95 calling cards?”

We like to think of these as “introductory” letterpress cards because they’re simple and straightforward, but still have that elegant leterpressed feel. All you have to do is choose one of our templates (or upload your own design), enter your information as you’d like it to appear, and within 2-3 weeks you’ll have your very own set of letterpressed calling cards! All of our $95 calling cards are printed in black ink on a single side, but you get to choose from three different paper options and can even add a snazzy colored edge, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. Compare $95 cards and custom printing here.

“What’s your turnaround time?”

Most of our custom print work ships between 10 days and 2 weeks*. If you can give us 3-4 weeks we’ll actually discount your job by 10%.
Our $95 calling cards ship 2-3 weeks from the order date. Rush options are available for both.
*Multi-process jobs or very larger orders may require a longer turnaround time and won’t be eligible for a discount.

“Can I get my order faster?”

Sure you can! We can get your order to you in less than 10 days for a rush charge of 10% or $100, whichever is higher. If you need your order in less than 5 days, we’ll get it to you for a rush charge of 25% or $200, whichever is higher. $95 cards can be rushed for a $50 fee.

“Why do the $95 cards take 2-3 weeks?”

That’s one of the ways we’re able to offer them at such a great price. If you need cards sooner, you can do a full custom order and they’ll ship in about 10 days.

“How much would it cost to print a second color on the $95 cards?”

Any change to the $95 cards automatically bumps it to a full custom order and changes the pricing entirely. You can get a personalized estimate here.

“Can you just send me a price sheet?”

Every job is unique, so we don’t offer a generic price sheet. We price all custom work on a case-by-case basis. This allows us to price each job as economically as possible while ensuring that you’ll also get the best quality. You can request a personalized estimate here.

“Do you ship internationally?”

Of course! Shipping prices typically start around $25 USD via USPS.

“Sounds good, how do I place my order?”

If you’d like to order some $95 cards, you can place the order on our website, here.

If you’d like to place a custom order, please request an estimate from us here. If you’re happy with the estimate you receive, we’ll send you a payment form to fill out and a proof to approve. Once we receive those two items we consider your order placed and will begin from there.

“When is payment due?”

We require payment in full before beginning your project.

“How can I give you money?”

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.


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